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18k Gold Diamond Wedding Set

18k Gold Diamond Wedding Set

💍 Elegant 18 Carat Gold Nested Wedding Set with Diamonds 🌟

Are you ready to celebrate your love story with a timeless and exquisite wedding set? Look no further! Our stunning 18-carat gold nested wedding set is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

Let me introduce you to this captivating ensemble:

The Engagement Ring:

Crafted in lustrous 18k yellow gold, our engagement ring features a classic design with a modern twist.

The centerpiece is a dazzling 1/3-carat round-cut diamond, meticulously set in a six-prong arrangement. Its brilliance will leave you breathless!

Flanking the center diamond are two smaller diamonds, each weighing 0.16 carats. These side stones add extra sparkle and balance to the ring.

The prongs holding the diamonds are discreet, allowing the gems to take center stage. It’s like the diamonds are floating on your finger!

The yellow gold band is beautifully accented with a touch of white gold, creating a harmonious contrast.

The Wedding Band:

Designed to nest perfectly against the engagement ring, the wedding band completes the set.

Crafted from the same 18k yellow gold, it echoes the elegance of the engagement ring.

The band features a subtle curve, allowing it to fit seamlessly alongside the engagement ring.

The white gold accents on the wedding band mirror those on the engagement ring, creating a cohesive look.

Sizing and Pricing:

The rings are currently available in a size 6, but fear not! We offer free sizing to ensure a perfect fit for your forever commitment.

The entire set, including both the engagement ring and the wedding band, is priced at an incredible $2499.

Imagine the joy of slipping these rings onto your fingers—the promise of a lifetime together captured in every facet.

Why Choose Our Wedding Set?

Timeless Beauty: Crafted in 18-carat gold, these rings will remain as beautiful as your love story.

Symbolic Meaning: The three diamonds represent your past, present, and future—a powerful symbol of your journey together.

Versatile Style: Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or going about your daily life, this set complements any outfit.

Affordable Luxury: At $2499, you’re getting exceptional quality without breaking the bank.

🎉 Celebrate Your Love with Our 18 Carat Gold Wedding Set! 🎉

Visit our store or explore our website to see these exquisite rings up close. Your forever begins here! 💍

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