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Jewelry Appraiser

Cash for Gold and Silver

Westshore Jewelry is known for the Highest payout on Vancouver Island for all scrap gold, silver, coins, gems, watches and valuables.


Expect to be paid 80% of the melt value on all Gold and Silver in



How does it work?


We assay your gold and silver, which is a fancy way to say how we verify its' purity. Then we check for the value of any gemstones and diamonds and weight your gold to find its Gold Value.

If you choose to sell we just need one piece of photo ID and you are all done.

Cash in Minutes.


Located in Langford we are open 7 days a week to help serve our community better.

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Scrap Gold

Broken or unused Gold in any condition has a value that may surprise you. We can help turn that old jewelry in funds quickly, safely and easily.​We assay, weight and assess any gem value to offer a fair market price in a professional, friendly environment.


Scrap Silver

We Buy all scrap .600, .700, .800, 900, .925, Sterling Silver and pure silver scrap.
We Buy Jewelry, Tea Sets, Utensils and Flatware, Coins, Platers, Watches and more...

Gold Filling Tooth.jpg

Dental Gold

At Westshore Jewelry we provide a range of services that our customers find invaluable. We want to make sure you leave happy and satisfied and do our utmost to ensure that happens every single time.


Gold / Silver Coins

We Buy all Gold and Silver pure Bullion products. We recognize Royal Canadian Mint, Johnson Matthey, Sunsshine Mint, Buffalo Mint, Englehard, Silver Eagles, Credit Suisse and more.
We also Buy pre 1966 Canadian 80% Silver coins and US pre 1968 coins for their Silver value.


Watches and Valuables

We buy a variety of Modern and Vintage timepieces and offer state of the art repair and valuation services to help you make the right decision when it come to buying or selling your timepiece

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