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14k Antique Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

14k Antique Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Timeless Beauty: 14k Gold Antique Diamond Ring


Material: Authentic 14k yellow gold

Diamonds: Intricately set tiny diamonds ok both sides of a larger prong-set diamond in the center

Size: Comfortable fit for US 8.5

Price: Only $700


Step into the past with our exquisite 14k gold antique diamond ring. Crafted with care, this ring features a raised gallery adorned with a captivating cluster of diamonds. The intricate design captures the light beautifully, making it an eye-catching piece for any occasion.

Why Choose Our Antique Ring?

Elegance with History: This ring carries the charm of a bygone era, perfect for those who appreciate timeless beauty.

Intricate Craftsmanship: The array of tiny diamonds creates a delicate halo effect, highlighting the central prong-set diamond.

Affordable Luxury: At just $700, it’s a rare find for collectors and vintage enthusiasts.


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    Color: White Gold
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