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Birks 10k Gold Onyx Pendant

Birks 10k Gold Onyx Pendant

🌟 Elegant Vintage 10K Black Hills Gold and Onyx Teardrop Pendant 🌟

Looking for a timeless piece that combines sophistication with a touch of nature’s beauty? Look no further! Our exquisite vintage pendant is a true gem, perfect for both special occasions and everyday wear.


Material: Crafted from 12K and 10K Black Hills Gold, this pendant exudes elegance and charm.

Gemstone: The centerpiece is a stunning onyx stone, deep and mysterious, set within a delicate gold frame.

Design: The teardrop shape adds a touch of grace, while the leaves of pink and green Black Hills Gold create a harmonious contrast.

Dimensions: The pendant measures 1 1/16 inches long by 7/16 inches wide and is approximately 3/16 inches thick.

Stamp of Authenticity: The reverse side bears the stamps Birks and 10K conforming the Gold content.

Price: Only $139.99! A rare find at this price point.

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