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14k Diamond Engagement Ring

14k Diamond Engagement Ring

✨ 14 Karat White Gold .47 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire ✨


Step into the spotlight with our breathtaking 14 karat white gold diamond ring. The centerpiece of this exquisite piece is a mesmerizing .47 carat emerald cut diamond solitaire that captures the essence of sophistication and grace. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or making a timeless statement, this ring is the perfect choice.



Metal: Crafted in luxurious 14 karat white gold, this ring exudes purity and brilliance.


Diamond: The emerald cut solitaire is meticulously faceted to maximize its fire and brilliance. Its elongated shape creates an illusion of endless elegance.


Design: The minimalist design allows the diamond to take center stage. The clean lines and timeless silhouette make it a versatile piece for any ensemble.


Size: Available in a comfortable range of sizes, including size 6.5, ensuring a perfect fit.


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    Color: White Gold
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