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14k - 18k Diamond Engagement Ring (.18ct)

14k - 18k Diamond Engagement Ring (.18ct)

🌟 **Eternal Radiance Collection** 🌟

Discover the perfect symbol of your love with our exquisite **14 Karat Gold Diamond Engagement Ring**. This masterpiece features an elegant **.18 Carat S1-rated diamond** that radiates pure brilliance at the heart of the design.

The ring's band, crafted from the finest **18 Karat White Gold**, boasts a sophisticated accent mounting that adds a touch of modern luxury to this timeless piece.

💍 **Ring Details:**

- **Center Stone:** .18 Carat S1 Clarity Diamond

- **Metal:** 14 Karat Gold with 18 Karat White Gold Mounting

- **Design:** Contemporary elegance with a classic touch

Priced at an incredible **$539**, this engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry but a testament to the enduring bond you share.

✨ **Special Offer:**

For a limited time, experience the allure of the Eternal Radiance Collection. Visit us today and take the first step towards a future filled with love and sparkle.

**Westshore Jewelry - Where fine quality meets unbeatable value.**


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