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10kt Gold Native “Wolf” carved ring

10kt Gold Native “Wolf” carved ring

Unleash the Spirit of the Wild with Ron Jackson’s Gold Carved Wolf Ring.

Experience the majestic artistry of the Pacific Northwest with this exquisite gold ring, masterfully carved with the likeness of a noble wolf by renowned Tsimshian artist Ron Jackson. This piece is not just a ring—it’s a wearable piece of art that embodies the fierce spirit and grace of the wolf.

Artisan Crafted: Each ring is a testament to Ron Jackson’s dedication to his craft, with intricate details that bring the wolf to life.

Cultural Heritage: Drawing from his rich Tsimshian lineage, Ron Jackson’s work is a celebration of indigenous art and storytelling.

Precious Materials: Fashioned from the finest gold, this ring is a luxurious tribute to the timeless beauty of native craftsmanship.

A Symbol of Power and Prestige Adorn your hand with a symbol of leadership and strength.

Ron Jackson’s gold carved wolf ring is a statement piece that connects you to the powerful legends.


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    Color: Gold
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