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10K Vintage Gold Locket

10K Vintage Gold Locket

🌿Elegance from the past!🌿

Timeless Beauty: Unearth the charm of

yesteryears with this exquisite vintage gold locket, a piece that transcends time.

Intricate Design: Adorned with an elegant floral engraving, every detail is a testament to masterful craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Golden Radiance: Crafted in the finest gold, its lustrous gleam is a celebration of enduring grace and style.

A Treasure Within: Open its delicate clasp to unveil a space for two cherished photographs, keeping your loved ones close to your heart.

The Perfect Gift: A symbol of eternal love and memories, it’s an heirloom-worthy piece destined to be passed down through generations.


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    Color: Gold
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