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10k Star-Sapphire Diamond Ring

10k Star-Sapphire Diamond Ring

A mesmerizing oval cabochon star sapphire, reminiscent of a distant galaxy, glows with an otherworldly allure.

Diamond Halo: Brilliant single-cut diamonds orbit the sapphire, creating a celestial halo that dances with light.

10k Gold Band: Crafted in warm, lustrous 10k gold, this ring is a testament to timeless elegance.

💫 Why Choose Our Star-Sapphire Diamond Ring?

Unique Beauty: Each star sapphire exhibits a captivating asterism—a star-like effect—when illuminated.

Symbolic Significance: The star sapphire represents destiny, intuition, and protection—a talisman for cosmic alignment.

Versatile Glamour: Perfect for special occasions, anniversaries, or as a celestial engagement ring.

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