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10k Sapphire Diamond Ring

10k Sapphire Diamond Ring

**The Elegance of Sapphires** ✨

Step into the spotlight with our exquisite **10 Karat Sapphire and Diamond Ring**. A treasure crafted for size 6, this masterpiece boasts **14 individual .02 karat** and **seven individual .01 karat diamonds**, meticulously arranged to frame the captivating sapphire centerpiece.

**Luxury Within Reach**

Indulge in sophistication without compromise. Priced at an exceptional **\$399.99**, this ring is a testament to affordable luxury. Each diamond, a twinkling star, converges to illuminate the deep blue sapphire, creating a constellation of sparkle on your finger.

**Details That Dazzle**

- **Size**: 6

- **Material**: 10 Karat Gold

- **Gemstones**: Sapphire and Diamonds

- **Diamonds**: 14 x .02 karat | 7 x .01 karat

- **Price**: \$399.99

**A Symbol of Timeless Beauty**

This ring isn't just jewelry; it's a statement. A promise of quality, elegance, and a charm that never fades. Whether it's an anniversary, a milestone, or a treat to yourself, our sapphire and diamond ring is the perfect choice.

**Limited Availability**

Embrace the allure of this stunning piece. Visit our store or contact us to secure your very own symbol of eternal grace.


Make every moment memorable with a touch of brilliance. **Your legacy awaits.**

Size 6


    Excluding GST/HST |
    Color: Gold
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