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10k Gold Diamond Ring

10k Gold Diamond Ring

Step into the elegance of the past with our exquisite Vintage 10 Karat Gold Diamond Ring. This timeless piece features a delicate floral set mounting nestled within the classic Belcher setting, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Key Highlights:

Authentic Vintage Charm: Embrace the sophistication of vintage jewelry.

10 Karat Gold: Luxurious yet durable, perfect for everyday elegance.

Floral Set Mounting: A bouquet of brilliance that captures the eye.

Belcher Setting: A secure embrace for the precious diamond, ensuring lasting beauty.

Size 8: A comfortable fit for a touch of glamour on your hand.

Weight: A delicate 2.6 grams, making it as light as it is luxurious.

Affordable Luxury: Priced at just $399, own a piece of history without breaking the bank.

Don’t miss the chance to adorn your hand with a piece of history. This ring isn’t just jewelry; it’s a treasure. Visit us to experience the allure of vintage luxury today! ✨

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    Color: Gold
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