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10k Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

10k Gold Diamond Engagement Ring


Material: Genuine 10k white gold

Diamonds: Delicate diamond chips set in a minimalist design

Size: Comfortably fits US 7.5

Price: Unbelievably affordable at just $329


Elegance meets affordability in our 10k white gold engagement ring. The sleek band showcases a scattering of diamond chips, capturing the essence of understated beauty.

Whether you’re celebrating a promise, an anniversary, or simply your love, this ring is the perfect symbol of commitment.

Why Choose Our Diamond Chip Ring?

Subtle Sophistication: The minimalist design allows the diamonds to shine without overwhelming the wearer.

Budget-Friendly: At only $329, it’s a steal for those seeking quality on a budget.

Versatile Style: Wear it alone or stack it with other bands for a personalized look


    Excluding GST/HST |
    Color: White Gold
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