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10k Gold Aquamarine Ring

10k Gold Aquamarine Ring

**Discover the Radiance of Aquamarine**

Introducing our stunning 10 karat yellow gold ring, crowned with a breathtaking six karat Asher cut aquamarine gemstone. This exquisite piece is a treasure to behold, priced at an exceptional \$579.79 and tailored to a size 6 for the perfect fit.


- **10 Karat Yellow Gold:** A warm, classic setting that enhances the aquamarine's cool brilliance.

- **Six Karat Aquamarine:** A sizable gemstone with a serene blue hue, symbolizing tranquility and eternal youth.

- **Asher Cut:** A sophisticated square cut with step-like facets that accentuate the stone's clarity and sparkle.

**Why Choose This Ring?**

- **Elegance & Sophistication:** The Asher cut aquamarine set in yellow gold offers a modern twist on a timeless design.

- **Statement Piece:** With its significant carat weight, this ring is sure to draw admiration and start conversations.

- **Versatile Style:** Perfect for both special occasions and everyday wear, it's a versatile addition to any jewelry collection.

Embrace the allure of aquamarine and let this ring be a testament to your exquisite taste. Visit us to experience the charm of this gemstone and make it a part of your story today.


*Let the serene beauty of our Aquamarine Ring in 10 karat yellow gold illuminate your hand with elegance and grace.*

Size 6


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    Color: Gold
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